ebony rattle


“Why do I suddenly feel nothing and then everything all at once, deeply?
What if I want to be shallow?
What if I want to be reckless?”

You don’t know where you are. You don’t know what to feel. Your thoughts ricochet off every wall and the sterilising lights from the doctors office permeate every thought. Just try this pill, just try to sleep, just exercise, just call this number if it gets bad.

Most times it feels like they’re keeping you alive just to keep you alive.

Winona is a sixty-minute naked shopping trolley ride through an abandoned car park decorated with bandaids on the knees and elbows from previous wounds. Equal parts soul crushing and absurdly ridiculous, swathed in too much sticky tape to disguise shoddy wrapping skills. A love letter to our neurodiverse and disabled bodies, brains and hearts.

Written, directed and performed by: EBONY RATTLE
Compositions by: ANGELITA BISCOTTI
Lighting Designer/Show Technician: TOBIE MANDERSON-GALVIN / EMMA TOUREAU

Written, directed and performed by EBONY RATTLE
Compositions by: WILLIBY
Costume Construction: CHANTELLE LUCYL

Hero Image and Melbourne Photography: EFF PAN PHOTOGRAPHY
Sydney Photogaphy: PRUDENCE UPTON
Hollywood Fringe Festival Photography: BROADWAY PHOTO/VIDEO

The development and presentation of Winona has been supported through the Regional Arts Victoria: Quick Response Grants, Melbourne Fringe Access Fund, Ralph McClean Microgrants and the Creative Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria: Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative.

Winona premiered at the 2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival on October 6th 2022 in The Studio - Trades Hall.

JUNE 19, 22, 24, 2023 - Asylum @ Stephanie Feury Studios - Hollywood Fringe Festival
MAY 24 - 27, 2023 - The Butterfly Club - Melbourne, Australia
OCTOBER 26, 2022 - LIVE DREAMS - Liveworks Festival - Performance Space/Carriageworks Sydney
OCTOBER 6 - 14, 2022 - Melbourne Fringe Festival - Trades Hall, The Studio

 View the digital program for Winona here.

Praise for Winona:

“There are great ideas at play in a free-flowing work that offers up heart and soul.” - The Age

“A surreal world of shifting power and mood...  Winona confronts insecurities and the inability to bond in a way that is jarring and unsettling, yet ultimately reassuring.” - Larchmont Buzz

“The dialogue is a tapestry of poetry, musings, reflections, and emotions with a killer soundscape, composed by Angelita Biscotti. Although the plot does not follow conventional theatre, the performance certainly keeps you hanging on to the end as the relationship shows moments of decay and deterioration, to the bliss of reckless risk-taking.” - Weekend Notes

“Winona is a different kind of piece that relies on inner thought rather than plot. But despite its experimental quality, the characters are very much human, with human anxieties, absurdities, and joys.” - Gia On The Move